Nerds & Babes Party

Wednesday 12/06

2024 Gnu grand opening
We feel like we need to specify that GUYS need to dress up like nerds or geeks and GIRLS get their BABES super alluring skanky look! Please get it to the extreme (as usual) ❤️. Closer to the event date we’ll be informing if dinner will be served during the party.


Thursday 13/06

The unprecedented party at GNU 2023.
Pink your night up and enter the dazzling Barbie world while having the best grilled meat and veggies dinner! Very democratic votations will be held to elect the best KEN & BARBIE couple.

The virgins

Friday 14/06

The classic at Gnu.
The virgins will be invading the square this year as well 🙂
Boy: This is your one chance to wear your high heals and your V deep neckline.
Male twerking competition will be held!

Holy Gnu

Saturday 15/06

The Most colorful day during the Gnu!

Burning Gnu

Saturday 15/06

Expeted to be amazed
 The tribe will gather for its very first ritual of GNU BONFIRE, appeal to all of your creativity to come Up with a  starly outfit, for a special night on the beach!